All our doors & frames are made of solid high impact water-resistant MDF. They are cut from a sheet on a CNC (computer numerically controlled) machine which is extremely accurate. A panelled shaker door is made of 5 pieces: the top and bottom rails and two styles and the centre panel. When these are painted there is a good chance there will be movement in the construction causing the door to warp and the paint to crack alone the joins. Because our doors are made from in one piece, they remain very stable and do not shrink, expand or warp (which traditional constructed doors and frames often do), so there is no chance of the paint cracking. This also means that when the doors are hung on the frames, the margins around the doors are maintained and do not rub or bind on the frames. Our MDF doors and frames have an excellent finish and provide a superior painting surface. They are sprayed with two coats of primer in the workshop before delivery and are hand painted along with the rest of the kitchen after installation. We can make virtually any style of door with multi-panels in any configuration. Our frames can be square or cockbeaded.

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