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This example of our birch plywood kitchens has handleless doors and drawers but has cutouts in the cabinet edge to allow you to pull the door or drawer open. This kitchen has some unique cabinets, the breakfast /drinks area with a quartz worktop which bost a boiling water tap and space for small appliances such as a toaster and coffee machine. The doors slide back into the sides of the cabinet out of the way allowing great access. And there is a LED light which comes on when the doors are opened. In the corner of the tall units is an 'L' shaped full height cabinet with bi-fold doors, this type of cabinet usually is only found in the corner of a low base run of units because this is a bespoke kitchen virtually anything is possible.

The second example of our birch plywood kitchen is handleless, push the doors and drawers, and they open. All the drawer boxes are of dovetail construction. There is no MDF or chipboard in the whole kitchen just high-quality birch ply. Everything is bespoke which includes matching cupboards under the staircase. It all fits perfectly! The construction these kitchens are unique, giving the effect of a continuous piece of furniture instead of separate cabinets.

Questions and Answers.

Do you haved a show room.

No, we don't, we have been selling hand painted kitchens for ten years now without a showroom and as with those we can offer fantastic value for money.

How do I get a quote.

Email me from the contact page or direct at with your details, ie name and area you live. We can then arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements, and I would then go and draw up an initial design and price it for you, or if you have a plan you can email it to me, and I will price it for you.

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Why Birch Ply

It is very strong and stable, made from layers of birch veneers glued together with exterior grade adhesive, making it waterproof and resistant to mould, ideal for kitchens. The veneered surfaces are three times thicker than the average veneered boards. There are no voids in the layers hence an attractive cut edge.

Were is the laminate fitted.

Where you have the laminate is your choice, you can cover as much of the birch as you like, it can go on all of the drawer/door fronts on the sides of the cabinets. You can leave bare anything you want even have no laminate at all.

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What colour should I choose

Obviously, the choice is yours, but you can be very conservative and go for white ( which does look great!), or be a bit outrageous and go for bright colours or patterns or wood grains. You can also mix and match, have all the wall cabinets a different colour to the base cabinets or all the top drawers white like the classic 50s style of blue doors with white drawers.

How hard wearing is the laminate.

It is very hard wearing; it is horizontal grade which is used for laminate worksurfaces which are extremely hard wearing, like virtually any material the darker colours show marks more than the light ones.

How does birch ply fare in a kitchen

Obviously bare wood would not be great in a kitchen, so we give it three coats of a special transparent varnish that does not darken it but sills it and protects it from anything that may get thrown at it in a kitchen environment. It can be washed down no problem!

Are the doors and drawers soft close.

Yes, they are, we use the most expensive soft close runners and hinges that "Blum " make. And the drawers will take up to 60Kg in weight depending on the width of it.

What worktops should I have with this type of kitchen.

Quarts worktops look great. Also, we can make birch ply and laminate worktops which look good and save you possibly thousands of pounds!

Are these birch ply and laminate kitchens bespoke.

Yes, they are the same as our hand painted kitchens, all the cabinets are made to any height, depth and width to the nearest millimetre. This enables your kitchen to be designed symmetrically and allows us to make unique cabinets.

Will you be making Larders like you hand painted kitchens..

Yes, we will be making the birch ply version of out larders, they are extremely popular!

Will you be making other cabinetry such as Media centres, Coffee tables, Sideboards and Shelving?

Yes, we will be making these types of bespoke cabinetry but only when it is part of a kitchen ordered. If you have an alteration to your home and creating a large family room ( very popular at present ) then to have all the cabinetry matching looks fantastic!

Baltic Birch Ply and Laminate Kitchens

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These three are the main ones; other companies do produce high-pressure laminates ( HPL)