Hand Painted ?

So is there such a difference between hand painted kitchens and ‘normal’ finishes? The answer is yes! The key difference is that real hand painted kitchens are painted after installation. The cabinets of ‘normal’ kitchens are finished (either sprayed or plastic coated) when the kitchen is manufactured. So why does that matter? It’s all about the look, feel and quality of the finished product. For example, before the first coat of paint is applied, the painter will cork all the joints in the cornicing and where the cabinets and panels meet so that after painting it becomes a seamless flow of cabinetry with no apparent joints or cuts. With spray painted or plastic coated cabinets, you can't achieve this. Our painters are highly skilled, and the finish they produce is of the highest standard. We never use a roller as some painted kitchen companies do to save time because this can leave you with an ‘orange peel’ effect.

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